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Pet passport scheme 'to include US'
Date Added : 02 April 2002
Britain's pet passport scheme could be extended to the US and Canada next year if ministers give the go-ahead, reports say.
Source : BBC

Guide to Dog Walks in the North East
Date Added : 14 February 2002
This is a site dedicated to people who enjoy walking their dog(s) in the countryside. The site currently covers Durham, Tyne & Wear and Northumberland.
Source : Web

Find Your Lost Pet Online
Date Added : 08 January 2002
We have recently come across a site which you may find useful. allows you to check if anyone has found your lost pet and allows you to register any pets that you find to be lost. Although it may not be the first place you would try, it would certainly be worthwhile a visit. You can even automatically create a poster to print.
Source : In House

Kennel owners bid for compensation
Date Added : 17 October 2001
The Quarantine Association has taken the government to the High Court to try to win compensation for laws, which it claims is damaging business.
Source : BBC

Gadget With More Byte Than Bark
Date Added : 21 August 2001
Some might think it is a device for the barking mad, but inventors in Japan claim to have developed a gadget that lets pet owners understand just how their animal is feeling.
Source : BBC News

Sun, Sea, Sand - and Security
Date Added : 21 August 2001
Jumping on to a plane and heading for the sun is easy enough. But your holiday can be spoiled if there are nagging worries about what is happening to your home and pets while you are away.
Source : BBC News

Animal Planet Attracts Dogs With Smelly Posters
Date Added : 06 June 2001
An advertising campaign that uses posters scented with canine urine to attract dogs and, in turn, their owners is set to hit the streets tomorrow.
Source : Guardian Unlimited

Pets Must Have a Tattoo to Leave France
Date Added : 06 June 2001
FRANCE is undermining the new "animal passports" system by demanding that British pets are also tattooed before they travel. The edict from the French ministry of agriculture has infuriated British expatriates hoping to bring their pets home after the long-awaited relaxation of quarantine laws.
Source : The Telegraph

Keeping Pets 'Prevents Allergies'
Date Added : 05 June 2001
Parents are sometimes wary of keeping pets when they have a new baby. But a study suggests that children who are exposed to two or more cats and dogs in their first year of life have a reduced risk of allergy.
Source : BBC

Couple's Plea Raises 10,000 to Rescue Cats From Greece
Date Added : 18 April 2001
Fifty-three stray cats rescued on the Greek island of Andros have flown to Britain to begin a new life after a 10,000 worldwide fundraising effort to pay for their transportation.
Source : This is London


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