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Dogs walk into record books
Date Added : 22 June 2003
The record for the world's largest dog walk has been broken on Tyneside. A total of 4,372 dogs, with their owners in tow, took part in the Great North Dog Walk, in South Shields on Saturday.
Source : BBC

Warning given over stray dogs
Date Added : 24 May 2003
Dog wardens in Hinckley and Bosworth are warning that dog owners could be landed with hefty kennelling fees if their pets go missing.
Source : BBC

Then I realised it was a dog - in a papoose!
Date Added : 23 May 2003
Gracie has a busy schedule. First, she has to have her nails clipped and buffed, followed by a facial, massage and all over shampoo. There's time for a quick organic snack, proferred in her Gucci solid silver bowl...
Source : FT

Fearful Chinese slaughter pets in Sars hysteria
Date Added : 10 May 2003
VIGILANTES and police have killed hundreds of cats and dogs in the most gruesome manner as fears grow in China that pets could be spreading the Sars virus.
Source : Times Online

Animals 'are moral beings'
Date Added : 09 May 2003
Some animals can feel and think in ways not too dissimilar from us, welfare campaigners say. They say there is evidence of altruism, with some animals acting disinterestedly for the good of others.
Source : BBC

Cats get laws to keep claws
Date Added : 07 May 2003
WEST HOLLYWOOD, California (Reuters) - The liberal enclave of West Hollywood has become the first city in the United States to ban "pet guardians" (also known as pet owners) from removing the claws of their cats.
Source : Yahoo

Pet passports let in diseases
Date Added : 08 March 2003
The relaxation of rules designed to protect the UK against rabies has opened the way to the entry of other animal diseases. The Pet Travel Scheme (Pets) allows owners of companion animals to take them in and out of Britain.
Source : BBC

Henry is boxing clever
Date Added : 08 March 2003
HENRY the boxer may not have the deportment of the pampered pooches parading at Crufts this weekend but he is no less valuable to his retired owner, John Prentice. He has seen his beloved pet suffer a series of health scares in the past 18 months, including a serious spinal injury, an unidentified growth in his mouth, a fainting fit and gastroenteritis.
Source : Times Online

Vets approve cat kidney transplants
Date Added : 28 February 2003
The first organ transplants for British pets have been given the go-ahead by vets. Following a meeting of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) cat lovers will be able to extend the lives of sick pets, by buying them kidney transplants.
Source : BBC

Lost cat's marathon journey
Date Added : 21 February 2003
A lost cat has been found after somehow travelling 134 miles from home. Susan Goodman, of Derby, lost her cat Thomas two weeks ago.
Source : BBC News


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