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Iguana walks on wild side of town
Date Added : 27 June 2006
A giant green iguana has become a familiar sight walking along the streets of an Essex town.
Source : BBC News

MPs vote for tail docking ban
Date Added : 15 March 2006
MPs have voted to ban the docking of dogs' tails - but the restriction will not apply to working dogs, such as those used by the police or Army.
Source : BBC News

Donít let pet cover take a bite
Date Added : 15 March 2006
PETS donít come cheap, as any animal owner will testify. But while tinned food and cat litter are a straightforward question of budgeting, other costs are not so predictable.
Source : The Times

Herman could be 'biggest bunny'
Date Added : 04 February 2006
A man has been showing off his gigantic rabbit named Herman. The mighty bunny weighs a massive 7.7kg, and his ears are a lengthy 21cm - almost as long as most pet rabbits are tall. And he is almost 1m tall.
Source : BBC Newsround

Pet radio purrs around the world
Date Added : 03 November 2005
A California pet lover has founded an internet radio station designed to ease the lives of lonely dogs and cats around the world.
Source : BBC News

Horse passports rule
Date Added : 28 February 2005
Every horse, donkey and pony in England and Wales is now required to have its own passport...
Source : BBC News

Saint Bernard dogs are reprieved by Swiss
Date Added : 24 December 2004
The Saint Bernard mountain dogs which have rescued lost travellers from a high mountain pass between Switzerland and Italy for more than...
Source : Times Online

RSPCA Christmas work starts early
Date Added : 24 December 2004
The RSPCA in Blackpool has already taken in three abandoned dogs that were given as Christmas gifts.
Source : BBC

Cat Crosses Siberia
Date Added : 08 December 2004
A Russian family has been reunited with their pet cat after it made a 1,300 mile trek...
Source : Sky News

Dealing with the fat cats
Date Added : 13 September 2003
But it's not only chubby moggies that need taking in hand: any pet that's overweight is unhealthy. So, if yours busts the scales, act now, says Justine Hankins
Source : Guardian Unlimited


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