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Information & Articles

This area of the site includes information and articles written in house. You will be able to find details on the Pet Passport scheme, travelling with you pet and our experiences of taking a pet on holiday.

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Farewell to Fleas
Are you worried about the effects of chemicals on your dog? Why not make your own safe, non toxic flea repellents? This article will tell you how to make various safe repellents, as well as tips on keeping your home flea free...
Date Added : 06 January 2002

Does Your Dog Suffer From Car Sickness?
The first thing to realise when dealing with car sickness is that in 95% of cases it is stress related and not motion related. The most powerful memory imprint of any dog's brain is probably the car ride when it was taken away from all it ever knew to be safe and secure, its litter mates and its mother. The...
Date Added : 06 January 2002

An Expedition to Snowdon
Worried about taking you pets on holiday for the first time? Don't be. If we can fit two adults, a baby, medium size dog and a cat into a Renault Clio (alongside all of the paraphanalia that goes with them) and have a brilliant time then there is a lesson to be learned.
Date Added : 14 August 2001

Here Kitty....Walkies!
You put your coat on, get ready for your evening walkies, put the lead on the cat and…hold on one minute – cat? Yes, you read correctly the first time. Cat walking is becoming...
Date Added : 07 February 2001

Is Swimming Good For Your Dog?
How many times have you been out for a walk with your dog near a water source and found that within 5 seconds, they are happily swimming about? Well if your dogs are anything like mine the answer will be all the time. It might not be the most pleasurable experience
Date Added : 12 December 2000

A Holiday With Your Horse
Many horse owners enjoy riding holidays with their pet every year. includes several properties which have grazing and stabling facilities to accomodate horse owners. We have listed a few here for your convenience.
Date Added : 12 January 2004

Taking Your Pet Further...
Until recently it has only been possible to take your pet to another country if they spend a lengthy amount of time (6 months) in quarantine kennels on their return. Because...
Date Added : 01 October 2000

A Pet Holiday at Castle Rock
Maggie our German Shepherd cross leapt enthusiastically into the boot of our rather cramped Renault Clio. We were going on a journey and she could sense that this wasn’t a quick trip to the park. This was the first time we had taken Maggie on holiday with us and we were pleasantly surprised at how well she behaved on our trip up the A1 and on through the border of Scotland.
Date Added : 01 October 2000


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