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Your Pet's Idea of Paradise?

Your Pet's Idea of Paradise?

Wouldnít you just love to escape to a place with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, adventure playground, heated beds, beauty salon and after that retire to listen to classical music.

Well if itís good enough for you, it is certainly good enough for your pet.

And thatís what we wanted for Maggie our dog. After all she deserves a holiday as much as the rest of us. Well it wasnít a holiday we were going on but a wedding 20 miles away and all of the people who would have looked after her were at the wedding.

Coming from a kennel as a stray we were worried about how she would react and we had heard that AAA Pet Resort and care centre offered extras that you could take to make your pet feel at home i.e. cuddles, walks, play sessions etc. They can even have a TV in their room to stop them from being bored. If you have a more unruly dog, training is available and for those dogs that love water a play session in the hydrotherapy pool will certainly be appreciated.

On the introductory day (free of charge) Maggie was assessed and settled into her state of the art room easily, just as she would if we went shopping. When we came back 10 hours later, she was pleased to see us although tired after her 4 walks.

Other pets are also welcome. We found the staff to be professional and courteous and we knew that Maggie was in good hands. The service was excellent and we found the prices to be just a little more than the average kennel.

Triple A Pet Resort & Care Centre is based near Washington, Tyne & Wear.
Tel. 0191 537 1344
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