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Pet Road Trips

Pet Road Trips

Taking your pet on a driving holiday may sound like a nightmare to some! But provided you take the necessary precautions and preparations then most pets can be brought along for the ride and enjoy the holiday with the whole family.

The first thing is to make sure that this isnít your petís first trip in the car. Try short car runs first and youíll be able to gauge how well they handle it, and if they are likely to become car sick Ė yes, pets get car sick too! Should car sickness be a problem, donít worry, as there are medications available from vets and pet shops that can help. Avoiding overfeeding will reduce the risk too. That said, it pays to pack a few towels just in case you have to clean up!

While travelling by car, safety is paramount, and having a pet free to run around while you are driving can be extremely dangerous. So one of the biggest considerations of your road trip will be how to secure your pet. The most obvious option is a crate or cage. However, not all pets are comfortable in this situation and it can lead to endless whining and barking. If this is the case, you may want to try an animal car seat. This way your pet isnít hemmed in, but is prevented from scuttling around the car by a protective harness.

Before hitting the road you should make sure that you have enough food and water to last the trip. Feed your pet as you would normally, making sure that water is available so that they donít become dehydrated. Keep the car well ventilated too.

And to prevent any smelly accidents, make sure that you make regular toilet stops, allowing your pet, and you, to stretch your legs and have a break. If your pet is trained then you shouldnít have any problems. Itís best not to travel with very young animals as their lack of toilet training could lead to a lot of clean-up stops along the way Ė and a far from relaxing trip!

With the pet passport scheme now in place, owners can, and are, taking their pets on longer drives in all sorts of exotic locations.


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