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Pet insurance guide

Pet insurance guide

Our pets are so important to us, and yet often we leave them uninsured. Pet insurance is a relatively new idea, but with the increasing cost of vet’s bills, more and more of us are choosing to take out pet insurance policies. And if you’re thinking of travelling with your pet, you’ll be pleased to learn that many pet insurers now offer pet travel insurance too.

Policies and prices vary widely between providers, but you should look for companies that cover these basics:

  • Vet Fees - not always as simple as it sounds, as different pet insurance providers will impose different conditions and limitations. Be sure to check that the policy covers what you need, looking out for any time restrictions on vet-fee cover and whether you are covered should your pet develop a long term condition.

  • Alternative Therapies – some companies now offer to cover alternative therapies for your pet should you choose to use treatments such as acupuncture and homeopathy

  • Death Benefit – should the worst happen, most pet insurance providers will cover the purchase price or market value of your pet.

  • Boarding Fees - if you find yourself in need of hospital treatment as an inpatient, most policies now cover the cost of boarding your pet while you are ill.

  • Advertising/Reward – should your pet go missing, insurers will give you money to pay for advertising and/or a reward if your pet gets lost or is stolen

  • Third Party Liability – should your pet cause an accident, injury to a person, or damage to property, you may be held legally responsible. This option makes sure that you are covered for any costs incurred.

Taking out pet travel insurance means that the same pet cover you have at home will apply while you are abroad. However, some companies provide holiday-specific cover options that are worth looking out for, such as:

  • Holiday cancellation - if you've booked a holiday and your pet falls ill, goes missing or is injured, you may want to cancel or return home early from your holiday. Some pet insurers will cover these holiday costs.

  • Repatriation and quarantine - if your pet is travelling under the government's Pet Travel Scheme there should be no need for your pet to be quarantined on re-entry to the UK. If however there is a problem, some pet insurers will cover the cost if your pet has to go into quarantine due to illness. There are many providers of pet insurance these days, from specialist pet-only insurers, to banks, and supermarkets. You’ll need to take out a separate policy to cover your pet. As with all insurance policies, it pays to shop around - try using the comparison sites available online to compare providers and their policies quickly and easily.


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